Whiskey Box Poetry Workshop-10/30/2017

The one and only James Jay will conduct the Whiskey Box Poetry Workshop for the Narrow Chimney Reading Series
on Monday, October 30th, 2017. The event starts at 7:00 PM at Uptown Pubhouse.

“For years, I’ve been writing sonnets and other types of poems on the insides of discarded cases of whiskey boxes. As it turns out, the whiskey box is better suited for the task of carrying a sonnet than the laptop, iPad, lined notebook, yellow legal pad or any other devices I’ve scrawled them onto over the years. This happy discovery came to me while working at a bar and stocking the liquor room and loading up the broken down boxes to lug out to the recycling bin. I found in the flatly crammed cardboard a Connemara 12 year case – a dark green, old-timey looking label shoved in amongst the Coors and Budweiser boxes. It was beautiful. It seemed like a shame to shove the box with such brethren into the recycler. I pulled the thing out with a slight inclination of what to do next.

For our discussion, we’ll look at how those whiskey box sonnets worked, and how they fit into the career of the sonnet which has spanned centuries over numerous continents and through many transformations from language to language and poetic job to job. From there we’ll foray into what the sonnets’ malleable structure means to us as writers of poems, plays, or fiction.”

-James Jay.