Uptown Pubhouse

Hello Flagstaff! As of Wednesday, 5/20, your favorite neighborhood Pubhouse will be reopening.

Our new hours are 11AM to 8PM, Wednesday-Sunday.

We’re starting a little earlier in the day in order to feature our lunch menu and give essential workers downtown, such as the federal marshal and bank employees, and, of course, anyone else a safe and comfortable place to have a meal. We’re also wrapping it up much earlier in the evening, because (and there’s no judgment here) it’s harder to keep everyone spaced out and safe once a few pints get into the system (we’ve all been there). Closing on the Monday and Tuesday gives us a chance to assess and fix whatever we might need to fix and adjust.

We’ve spent quite some time retrofitting the pub to fit guidelines set forth by the Center for Disease Control, the state of Arizona guidelines as highlighted by statement from the Arizona Restaurant Association, the Coconino County Health Department regulations. We’ve also shaped and informed our policies and procedures from studies by John Hopkins University, the Harvard Medical Review, as well regional medical doctors, physician assistants, and nurses.

Our staff will be wearing masks. This, however, is not a requirement of our patrons. Wearing one is entirely up to you. You can’t eat and drink through a mask, so we’ve cut our occupancy by about two-thirds, rearranged seating, and placed Plexiglas and other screens to allow you to remove masks to drink and eat.

Barriers, Plexiglas, and seating placements aside, the most important thing has been our time spent retraining with our staff. Gloves, masks and other tools are useless without proper training. We have a sharp and engaged team that takes the challenges of this present moment seriously.

Some things will look and operate a little differently:

First off, we will still have pool, shuffleboard, a fantastic whiskey selection and other fine spirits, and a solid draft beer lineup.

When you walk in, there will be a Pubhouse Maître D who will greet and seat you. You’ll need to wait to be seated, so we can keep a count on customers and thoroughly clean.

We’ll be going taking your orders from your table as opposed to the old method. Please know that we may need a little extra time to get things properly prepared between guests.

Even with all of these precautions, nothing in life is absolutely safe. Please assess your own risks, values, responsibilities, and overall concerns when considering dining with us or anyone else. To be without trepidations at this time would be foolish, but it’s with a strategy based on the best studies available that we reopen our doors.

Best of health to all of you. Be well. Take care of each other.

Uptown Pubhouse is home to the best whiskey selection in the region, fresh draught beers, and Arizona regional pub fare with a European twist. With six premium billiards tables and a full-sized shuffleboard table, we have a little something for everyone.

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114 North Leroux Street; Flagstaff, AZ 86001